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Expatriates Lodging/Relocation, we can assist you in choosing a residence.
We currently manage more than 100 properties in the Southern part of Jakarta.

We mostly operate in Kemang, Cipete, Cilandak, Pondok Indah, Kebayoran Baru and Menteng,
which means in areas where mostl expatriates live, close to international schools and commercial areas.



• Purchasing furniture.

• Choosing and installing your curtains
Our supplier can come to your house with samples allowing you to choose curtains which match your furniture and your wall color.

• Finding reliable servants, guards, gardeners and cooks.


•  Paying your monthly bills including electricity, telephone, cable television, Internet, etc.

• Obtaining extra telephone lines.

• Increasing your electrical power.

• Connecting cable tv and internet


On emergency call we can solve any problem:

• Plumbing       • Electrical

• Roof leaks .   • Locks

• Air conditioning     • Others…


• Swimming pools

• Air Conditioners


We have also a special service for gardens

• We can plan, modify, rearrange your garden
(gazebo, barbecue, fish pond, fountain).

• Carry out routine maintenance, two or three times a week.


Our technicians and engineers are very qualified and able to work quietly in houses where people live. As an example, we can repaint your house inside and outside without disturbing for the tenants (no noise, no dust). We can also remodel your bathrooms and kitchens during your holiday leave. All our maintenance technicians have been with PT ALVI BIMA PUTRA a minimum of 10 years; they are very reliable and very honest.